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Skinny Clock is a nice software which helps you show date and time as you like
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Tomas Koutny

Skinny Clock is a program that shows a clock on your desktop. Skinny Clock can show the date and time using several selectable skins with alpha transparency support. You can use any of the skins provided by the program or design your own. Any skin made for this program will work on any installation, so it's possible to post your creations in the Internet, or use other author's skins in your computer. This program also allows you to change the default taskbar clock, that will then show the time with the format and font of your choice. By default, the program will put an icon in the system tray. Right-clicking over it you will be able to access the settings menu. Through it you will be able to select which clock window you will like to use, as well as its transparency. You can also set the font, format and background of the taskbar clock. It's also possible to configure if you want the program to run on startup and show the tray icon. You can define which language to use between English, Portuguese, German, Swedish or Japanese.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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